Archaeological Assessments & Capacity

Archaeological Assessments

The archaeology professionals at H3M are passionate about uncovering and understanding the past. H3M protects sites with historical value and fulfills the obligation to work within the client’s best interest while remaining cost effective. H3M can navigate any situation related to project development in the office, community, or field.

Below is a list of archaeological services to help reach client goals:

  • Archaeological Overview Assessments
  • Preliminary Field Reconnaissance
  • Archaeological Impact Assessments
  • Archaeological Excavation, Construction Monitoring, and Site Mitigation
  • Traditional Use and Knowledge Studies Artifact Inventory and Analysis
  • Analysis of Culturally Modified Trees
  • Archaeology Awareness Training and Information Workshops
  • Permitted and Non-Permitted Forestry Investigations
  • Windfarm, Mining, and Hydrological Projects

Extended Archaeological Capacity

Our experienced individuals respond to client requests while ensuring compliance with government regulations such as the Heritage Conservation Act. H3M has experience working on small and large scale projects. Our extended archaeological capacity provides clients with the support needed to meet the requirements of government agencies, such as the British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission (BCOGC), all while doing so in a timely manner.

  • Extensive Background in BC Oil and Gas Servicing – AMS Applications, AIF Submissions and Regulatory Requirements with Archaeology as a Focus
  • Small and Large Scale Project Management
  • Archaeological Site Forms and Submission
  • Cultural Resource Management
  • Indigenous Relations Engagement
  • GIS Mapping and Support

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