Water Management

Water Management

Securing water for life. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly deliver turnkey solutions throughout the entire spectrum of the design, build, installation, commission, financing and operation of water and wastewater technologies. Our teammates have executed projects utilizing physical, chemical and biological treatment technologies across a number of sectors. We focus on four key areas of Water Management: supply, treatment and storage, wastewater treatment, waste management, and recycle and reuse.

Our core Water Management services include:

Supporting development projects while ensuring the safety and security of long-term water supplies.

  • sourcing surface and groundwater for potable and industrial use;
  • licensing, permitting facilities, diversion and transfer applications;
  • pipeline and storage pond design; and
  • stakeholder notification and consultation.

Working with our clients to proactively de-bottleneck and troubleshoot water treatment systems.

  • design, build, operation of industrial, irrigation and potable water supply;
  • licensing and permitting of facilities;
  • design and build potable and industrial water storage and conditioning systems;
  • design and service pond and lagoon reservoirs; and
  • dam consequence classification and inspections.

Ensuring compliance and environmental protection while meeting regulatory obligations and ESG mandates.

  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED) studies;
  • design Basis Memorandums;
  • physical and chemical characterization for process design;
  • design, build, operation of modular and mobile treatment systems;
  • stormwater and process water pond remediation;
  • lagoon cleanup and optimization;
  • treatment technology selection;
  • design municipal wastewater treatment systems; and
  • licensing, permitting, treatment and nutrient removal for industrial systems.

Maximizing recycle and reuse of water to reduce demands on freshwater sources and reduce disposal costs.

  • wastewater, flowback, produced water, and stormwater reuse;
  • cleanup and optimization of lagoons, ponds and reservoirs for water recycling;
  • treatment of process-affected water for surface discharge and reuse;
  • treatment and reuse of municipal wastewater for irrigation and industrial supply; and
  • implement technologies for recycle industrial effluent.

Our team has provided solutions for a wide variety of contaminants including algae, ammonia, arsenic, bacteria, BOD, chlorides, chlorinated compounds, DNAPLs, grease, H2S, hydrocarbons, lead, LNAPLS, mercury, oil, PCB’s, phosphorous, salt, selenium, styrene monomer, TDS, TSS and other toxic substances.

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