As a full-scope environmental service provider we understand the challenges associated with coordinating multiple disciplines and contractors on site. This is one of the reasons we continue to invest in equipment and technology to support our client’s projects and associated evolving needs. We have invested in the best equipment on the market to reduce downtime and ensure project timelines are met, while providing a fully integrated service offering.

Our environmental professionals are our equipment operators. Professionally trained, they operate the equipment responsibly and sustainably, proactively mitigating risk and assessing the surroundings, a skillset that sets us apart from conventional service providers and equipment operators.

Key Advantages

  • Integrated Offering

    We have a comprehensive understanding of the asset retirement portion of the O&G facility life cycle and the associated challenges of coordinating multiple disciplines as a part of a collaborative execution plan. We are a full scope environmental services firm.

  • Modular Service Offering

    We can provide full reclamation and remediation services and are able to effectively coordinate all asset retirement activities or if you have a provider selected and just need specific services contracted, we do that too.

  • Rapid, Low Cost - Deployment and Mobilization

    We live in the reclamation & remediation space and understand key project development timelines, working with clients to meet them proactively with a goal of getting to site closure as effectively and efficiently as possible. We are set up to be activated quickly and transition from planning to execution seamlessly.

  • Responsible and Sustainable Operators

    Our operators are environmental professionals and take a pragmatic approach to sampling and data collection.

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Gaston Schaeffer

Senior Specialist

Jennifer Fletcher

Reclamation and Remediation Manager

Environmental Drilling

This versatile, highly maneuverable unit allows our team to quickly mobilize to site and perform Preliminary and Detailed Site Assessments along with any other sub-surface soil sampling or contamination delineation services. Our integrated service offering means that you don’t have to contract additional disciplines to perform environmental drilling.

The H3M team, equipped with the 7822 DT unit, can perform a variety of services including:

  • Sub-surface soil sampling;
  • Contamination investigation, characterization and delineation;
  • Direct-push sampling system to maintain vertical profiling of the soil horizons;
  • Solid-Stem Auger system to help with more challenging soil conditions;
  • Hollow-stem Auger system, where there are issues with integrity of the borehole;
  • Installation, sampling and monitoring of groundwater wells; and
  • Borrow Pit/Mining suitability assessments.

Key Benefits

  • Highly maneuverable to remote sites due to small footprint
  • Tracked and low ground-pressure to allow for access into sites with low-grade access
  • Continuous operations with minimal downtime and maintenance
  • Soil sampling and analysis, direct push sampling and solid/hollow stem auguring
  • Powerful performance, highly adaptable, and compatible with Geoprobe® brand tools

EM Scanner

An efficient and cost-effective tool that provides rapid analysis of potentially contaminated sites by measuring subsurface soil conductivity. The data is collected and exported as a color image map that allows for analysis and further determination of possible soil sample drilling sites. Our team uses both the EM 31 and the EM 38 units, providing analysis up to 6 meters below the surface.

Key Benefits

  • rapid subsurface soil conductivity analysis;
  • easily interpreted mapping integrated with our VDP deployments;
  • unified and centralized historical results;
  • accurate data for precise soil sampling; and
  • saves time and money versus conventional soil sampling techniques.

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