Reclamation and Remediation

Reclamation and Remediation

H3M provides a pragmatic, technical, and solution-based approach when returning industrial land to equivalent capability for clientele and stakeholders across Western Canada. Our extensive experience and knowledge ensures the implementation of an alternative, cost-efficient reclamation and remediation strategy and the closure of a site in a timely manner, ultimately reducing environmental liabilities.

  • phase/Stage I, II and III environmental site assessments;
  • remediation and restoration plans/certificate applications;
  • soil and groundwater sampling;
  • post-construction reclamation assessments and wildlife monitoring;
  • conservation and reclamation (plans, schedule B site assessments, certificate applications, and acknowledgment);
  • vegetation management assessment and planning;
  • spill response, reporting and remediation;
  • site specific compliance and liability assessments;
  • decommissioning, abandonment and reclamation (DAR); and
  • pre-acquisition, merger & divestment and environmental liability/due-diligence assessments.


We have invested in the best equipment on the market to reduce downtime and ensure project timelines are met, while providing a fully integrated service offering.

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