Reclamation and Remediation

Reclamation and Remediation

H3M provides a pragmatic, technical, and solution-based approach when returning industrial land to equivalent capability for clientele and stakeholders across Western Canada. Our extensive experience and knowledge ensures the implementation of an alternative, cost-efficient reclamation and remediation strategy and the closure of a site in a timely manner, ultimately reducing environmental liabilities.

  • Phase/Stage I, II and III environmental site assessments;
  • Remediation and restoration plans/certificate applications;
  • Soil and groundwater sampling;
  • Post-construction reclamation assessments and wildlife monitoring;
  • Conservation and reclamation (plans, schedule B site assessments, certificate applications, and acknowledgment);
  • Vegetation management assessment and planning;
  • Spill response, reporting and remediation;
  • Site specific compliance and liability assessments;
  • Decommissioning, abandonment and reclamation (DAR); and
  • Pre-acquisition, M&A activity, and environmental liability/due-diligence assessments.

Spill Response

Our team of emergency responders works directly with clients and regulatory bodies to ensure unplanned releases are contained and managed promptly, reducing overall environmental impacts and project costs. To ensure reporting and other regulatory requirements are maintained, our services include:

  • Dedicated staff available 24 hours a day
  • Preparation of Remedial Action Plans (RAP)
  • Temporary Field Authorizations (TFA)
  • Roadside Development Plans (RDS)
  • Landfill and backfill sourcing and approvals
  • Containment, recovery, and complete remediation of spilled products
  • Site restoration and reclamation
  • Regulatory engagement, consultation, and approvals
  • Avian and wildlife sweeps
  • Soil and water testing, including written plans
  • Electromagnetic surveys (EM)
  • Wildlife management, including rescue and release
  • Water diversion permits
  • Reporting (daily, weekly, and final)


We have invested in the best equipment on the market to reduce downtime and ensure project timelines are met, while providing a fully integrated service offering.

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