About Us

About Us

For energy projects across Western Canada, H3M Environmental provides field and permitting services that balance costs and risk to meet regulatory requirements, while bridging the gap between environmental stewardship and energy development. As a full-scale service provider supporting multiple energy sectors, we support pre-construction, construction, and post-construction requirements of projects, managing our client’s assets from inception through to their retirement and reclamation. We take a pragmatic approach to balancing land stewardship, project development, and economic sustainability.

Our Mission

To be a valued partner to our clients that manages the risks, costs and environmental requirements of projects through a practical and pragmatic approach to environmental services.

Our Vision

To be a trusted industry leader in balancing policy, regulatory environmental management of projects, and land stewardship.

Our Team

Nick Gautreau

Vice President

Nick spearheads H3M Environmental’s service offering out of the Fort St. John office.  Nick brings diverse expertise in the environmental consulting industry with over 11 years of experience.  His strengths lie in pre-construction site assessments, reclamation planning, environmental construction supervision, erosion and sedimentation design and implementation, fish and wildlife surveying and assessments, and general environmental mitigation planning.

Erin Langerud

Environmental Project Manager

Erin has been working in the Environmental Consulting industry for over 10-years. She has extensive experience completing various environmental assessments, as well as associated technical reports. Through her career she has worked on several construction and reclamation projects as an environmental consultant, including the construction of a 50+ km pipeline south of Fort St. John, BC. Erin is extremely familiar with environmental regulatory requirements as they pertain to oil and gas developments in British Columbia.

K’Shian Helfer

Environmental Project Manager

K’Shian brings a decade of Environmental Consulting industry experience to the team.  Her experience spans from front end baseline/pre-construction site assessments, to remediation/spill response and final reclamation of projects. K’Shian’s work at H3M Environmental focuses on site remediation and reclamation and her experience is an integral part of growing our environmental service offering.

Steven Bunney

Environmental Project Manager

Steven has over 11 years of experience as an environmental consultant conducting energy-related project planning, siting and routing, environmental impact assessments, mitigation planning and coordination of environmental regulatory approvals.  He has managed numerous projects and led multi-disciplinary project teams to meet the desired outcomes for approval of both provincial and NEB-regulated facilities.  Steven has led and assisted with many pre-construction environmental field assessments, including wildlife, vegetation, soil and aquatic surveys across Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC.

Lisa Johnson

Archaeology Project Manager

Lisa Johnson brings 18 years of experience project managing and conducting fieldwork on archaeological impact assessments (AIA’s) on small and large scale projects.  Lisa has diverse experience across all aspects of Cultural Heritage Resources with a specified focus in regulatory permitting and First Nations coordination. Lisa has a B.A. in Anthropology with a focus on Canadian First Nation Studies.  Lisa’s previous experience as a Cultural Heritage Resource Officer at the BC Oil and Gas Commission has provided extensive knowledge of the Permitting and Regulatory processes.

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